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Puppy News

By Judy Wood

The Four Month Window

There is a four-month window from the day your puppy is born to familiarize your puppy to everything so she will not be fearful.  Here are just a few examples: people of different size, age, color, the vet’s office, people passing on a trail, other animals (i.e. deer, elk, horses), noises (i.e. pots & pans clanking, cabinets being shut loudly, vacuum running), objects (i.e. umbrella, hats, broom, mop), doorbells, door knocking, cars pulling in and out, your puppy getting in and out of the car, driving with heat or air conditioning set on high, and anything else you can think of in your lifestyle (i.e. music, boating, coffee shops).  

During this time-frame make it your priority. Get out with your puppy twice a day to experience people, different environments, and everyday life outside of your home.

Recall is the most important command you can teach your puppy!

Start today whistling and running away from your pup so she will follow while dropping the best of treats along the way.  When your pup reaches you, be very generous in your reward and say “Yes”!  

You can use a leash and in your most enthusiastic voice while walking quickly backwards with a high level treat visible, call your puppy:  “Skye, come, Skye, come, Skye, come”.  When he reaches you say “Yes” and reward with a lot of treats and praise.  

Do this several times a day.

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